Training and Software Packages

A.A Emery recognises that technology would drive most of the changes that would occur in the energy sector globally. It is with this at the back of our mind that we have developed a range of innovative products and services for energy businesses.  This is to equip relevant market participants with the needed skills and knowledge through properly designed frameworks and procedures.

Petrol Retail Safety Training

A.A Emery in collaboration with internationally accredited Health and Safety Providers and the Ghana Fire Service is designing a bespoke training program for petrol filling station attendants and their supervisors. This training is the first of its kind tailored specifically to suite the downstream petroleum industry of Ghana. We are also equipped to design such a bespoke package to suit country-specific needs.

Petrol Retail Management Training

A.A Emery in collaboration with some experienced consultants in petroleum retail have designed a comprehensive and highly informative training program for managers of petroleum filling stations. This training is also tailored to suit the needs of various oil marketing companies.

Fuel Platform

A.A Emery is also currently designing a petroleum retail management software that takes care of the internal and external controls of petrol filling stations. The software is generic and is tailored to suit the design and practices of the various oil marketing brands.