Market Intelligence and Independent Research

A.A Emery engages with relevant stakeholders and market participants in the various countries in Africa to stay up to date with investment climate and market developments in these countries. This is to accurately inform and adequately equip our clientele with information on sector opportunities and market penetration strategies.

Our approach to intelligence gathering distinguishes us from other consulting firms and extends beyond the typical analysis of publicly available data. We call on our extensive network of in-country associates in over thirty African countries providing us with exclusive information placing our clients and us always a step ahead in the energy and petroleum business.

Research at A.A Emery is done through a modern scientific approach that integrates experiences of experts in academia, industry and government. It is comprehensive in scope and supported by objective analysis of data sourced from globally accredited data bases. Our publication section provides reports on topics of interest to all stakeholders and provide specific and practical recommendations to shape and influence energy policy debates, responses, and outcomes.