A.A Emery Provides Commercial Advice to the Energy Sector

We are a group of energy, petroleum and environmental experts who are dedicated to providing our clientele with sound commercial advice.

About Us

A.A Emery Energy and Petroleum Consultancy is an independent advisory firm based in Ghana with a wide network of partners across Africa. We focus on energy investments in Africa and energy regulation and policy in developing economies. Over the years, we have   built an international client-base of top tier energy and petroleum companies and have facilitated the entry of several projects in electricity and petroleum into Africa.

At A.A Emery, we strive to shape our clients’ businesses and ideas towards the achievement of individual unique objectives. Our clients include Governments, National Oil and gas Companies, Regulatory institutions, electricity utilities as well as private energy investment companies. Our particular interests are in sectoral reforms, business strategies and regulatory arrangements that assure maximum benefits from energy resources.

What we Provide

  • Sound Advice for Governments, Regulatory Institutions, Private and Public utilities and Businesses
  • Energy and Petroleum Business Consulting Services
  • Energy Business Intelligence and Independent research
  • Training and Software development for energy business


Advise and Support Governments, Regulatory institutions as well as National Oil and Gas Companies.

Marketing and Brokerage

We link buyers to sellers.


Research is done through a modern scientific approach through a combination of academic and professional experience.

Training and Software Packages

We design software for energy business and training for market participants.

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